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Danger signs rise off Jase Kayrs like steam—the scars, the secrets, the strength.

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Mindful of manners, she hastened forward and held out a hand. ”“Fine.” His hand swallowed hers in heat as they shook. Her heart sped up even as it broke from that deadly scar on his immortal face.“I never thought you odd.” He released her and gestured toward the chair facing his. She didn’t want to die, and she’d love to help him regain his gift. “You have time to think about it.” Calloused fingers slid the shirt off her left shoulder. Awareness flushed through her, but the chair kept her from stepping back. Heat flushed through her from the firm hold on her chin. This is a paranormal world that one truly wants to dive right into.” First Page to the Last (5 bookmarks) “I really enjoy these books.In that moment, she’d known the planekite would kill her. Yanking herself back to the present, she plastered on her best dignitary expression. In fact, she’d angled close to him at dinner that night, and he’d tried to teach her how to control the air. ” Reading in Pajamas (4.5stars) “I have had my fingers crossed for a Jase/Brenna mating ever since Brenna was introduced in Conn’s book!“Replacing my blood with clean blood worked for the first eight years, but the poison has leaked into my tissues and muscles now,” Brenna murmured. That was when she could still create fire, so she’d popped his oxygen molecules. She returned to the future, wondering when he’d last smiled. What the demons must’ve done to him to destroy his gifts with the elements. I knew she would be perfect for Jase and I’m glad Rebecca did as well.“There’s a vampire here to see you,” said a chipper voice from the office doorway. She was the only witch in existence who required reading glasses. ”“Nope.” Deb Stewart had never been much of a vampire fan. “Though, when I passed by the conference room, vibrations of some seriously strong energy made the air heavy.”“Huh.” Brenna folded her glasses to tuck in her pocket before standing. Deb frowned, and lines of concern fanned out from her brown eyes. “Maybe it’s time to tell the council.”“Aye.” The room stopped tilting, so Brenna skirted the desk. Man, I need to get my strength back.”Deb patted her arm. I’m sure of it.”“I know.” Brenna forced a smile as they both lied. “I’ll take the afternoon meeting with the Dublin economic group for you.”Relief and gratitude swept Brenna. Good thing Deb had fallen in love with and married a witch. Nothing like a December snow-storm in Ireland to get things interesting.

Brenna Dunne glanced up from the stack of ledgers toward her best friend. “I’ll need to submit my resignation soon.” She could barely stand up, much less participate on the Council of the Coven Nine, the ruling body for witches the world over. With her diminishing vision, the world morphed into different shades of gray outside.“I’ll submit my resignation tonight.” Then she frowned and glanced at Jase. Reaching out, he ran his finger down the side of her face. Her gaze wide on his, her veins flashing with power, she licked the remaining blood off her lips. Her books are always an auto buy for me because she is masterful in creating these magical worlds to get lost in.