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What if he learns early about who and what the Ancient house of Potter is really about. image made by Ryuki555The Master Chief has defeated the Didact.I had 38 chapters finished but due to my USB drive dying i lost all but the 11 i posted, I am working on it. Across the galaxy, the Reaper War wages on as the Citadel races struggle to survive while Commander Shepard and the crew of the SSV Normandy fights on. In this story, I'll be loosely following canon, but instead of luck, Harry will use his intelligence to get out of situations. But the Dark Lord's return at the end of her fifth year derailed everything, and now she must decide who will best help her find the life she always wanted.He is past the point of caring, until one day he takes the opportunity to change his fate—blast the consequences. You won't be taken from me again." A Dimension travel harmony story. Follow Harry as he makes preparations to leave the wizarding world behind and embarking on a long and exciting journey into the unknown.Harry's title of Heir of the Potter family gets taken by by his brother because Harry is not the boy who lived. Little does Harry expect to be launched into world of false gods and spaceships. Harry Potter had led a quiet life up until his fourth year.Will there friendship blossom into something more intense?

With Voldemort still trying to come back to life, Harry and his friends must face additional foes at Hogwarts during her most desperate hour. Sequel to A Jedi in Dumbledore's Court - Episode IWhat if Harry wasn't as trusting and more intelligent then what people give him credit for.

Fully using Peter's genius, the new Spider-man finds a balance between being a hero and a teenager. Betrayed by those he trusted, and hiding a dangerous secret within himself, Harry Potter is forced into self exile. He tries to go back and change things, but since he's Harry Potter, things go wrong. This will start in Harry Potter world but ultimately take place in the Witcher for the most part. Despite there being no pairs or females listed, I don't write slash.(Bt VS/Young Justice/DCAU/Marvel Comics) Ever dress up for Halloween intending to be one thing only to be seen as something else by those that saw you? But then again, I guess they enjoy watching him go through this sick game of love.

But when a person connected to him threatens his peace, he must stand with a group dedicated to saving the World from darkness, and must fight his progenitor beside his Uncle. Events at the end of the Clone wars went a bit differently but ended the same. (Rewritten on )An opportunity comes along that will enable him to make the change and once again reunited with the woman he truly loved. A sacrifice would have to be made that will make or break everything he work so hard for. Harry Potter was unhappy with his life in Post-Voldemort Great Britain. The Scoobies certainly do because thanks to the chaos spawned by the spell of Ethan Rayne they will become people who are quite different from what they'd intended to be. M for scenes and language10 year old Harry Potter was granted powers by The Wizard Shazam to fight against evil. Lanie sees the disaster happening as Castle leaves with Gina. For Harry Potter, the Battle of Hogwarts came to an end with a shocking turn of events.

Thor and Loki were both banished by Odin, but not to New Mexico: instead, the two brothers found themselves in a familiar town where a very big surprise awaits them in the form of the one worthy to wield the greatest power in the Nine Realms.

Grey OP Harmony; Good-Loki; (S/AU MCU)During the fourth year.On Halloween 1981, Sirius Black left Britain with Harry Potter. What will be the outcome of Harry stumbling upon information that could shake Hogwarts, and our hero, to its roots? Betrayed by the world he had given his all to save, Harry finds himself cast into the void. His name is Hadrian James Potter, son of James Potter and Lily Potter. Rose is finally in the TARDIS where she belongs: travelling with the Doctor, but there are many adventures waiting for them.