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Years ago someone else observed, they want to destroy the machine that's keeping them alive.

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Double stack handgun mags tend to have a portion near the top where the mag tube is folded in on either side to help the cartridges transition from a double stack to a single feed position. On the M&P .45 mag these folds go nearly the full length of the mag tube. The gun itself is fugly even by striker-fired plastic gun standards, however.

It looks like something designed deliberately to be as aesthetically displeasing as possible."Yeah, it looks like both those older hard drives need replacing. I still have a couple Seagate Barracuda drives, with that firmware timebomb that was in tech news a few years back, with Stuff trapped on them which I fortunately don't actually need.

Both were either refurbished or salvaged years ago. Presently I'm running Linux Mint 18, with an even older 80Gb (Seagate...) as the system drive, and all my Stuff on physically separate drives so if the system drive, or the operating system, fails, it doesn't affect more than a handful of my Stuff.

Just as a faithful reader Pay Pals me a big fat donation, which was going to cover the next electric bill, one of my non-system hard drives - I still can't tell which, because both of them seemed to wink in and out of system recognition (pretty sure it's the 750Gb Seagate refurbished from Free Geek (NO MORE SEAGATES - EVER)) - begins making That Horrible Clicking Noise. On campus, calling for the extermination of people of a certain skin color is lies and vicious hate. Years ago I made this cartoon about the effects of immigration on the workforce and this same standard applied to every SWAT raid where a baby gets blown to bits from a flash-bang, for every wrong-home SWAT raid, for every trigger happy goober cop who pulls a gun on a motorist, and so on the list goes.

Fortunately I had a brand-new-in-the-wrapper 1Tb sitting around for months, which I've now slapped in, and a 1Tb portable, which together should barely contain All My Stuff. You know, for those cases where someone other than a cop gets shot or dies."Kate Steinle's killer was acquitted.One gets the impression this mag could have held 13-14 rounds if those folds were only on the top third, and that it's basically a singlestack mag with room for a couple extra cartridges at the very bottom of the tube. I'm sure S&W's engineers would have made it higher capacity if they could have. Gone are the Beretta 92's exposed barrel and sweeping Art Deco curves.

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