Online dating fakers

12-Jul-2017 10:52

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years, then you don’t yet know that the term “Catfish” was coined by an indie film of the same name, wherein Nev Schulman believes he’s pursing a relationship with an attractive young girl online, but he has really been nabbed into a sick romance with a middle-aged mother and her cast of make-believe characters.Post-movie Catfish madness, MTV got a hold of Nev, hosting a show outing manipulative online Catfishes and exposing their stories on TV.They probly figure the best way to do that is to make an attractive profile.Yes it decepetive, but they probly figure they aren't hurting anyone if it just harmless chatting and forum posting. For any Non-Forum Related Matters, such as Issues with Profiles or other Forms of Abuse, use the "Report Member" Link at the Bottom of any given User's Account.Why waste a perfectly good profile by saying all that crap?I'd rather keep mine more upbeat than spout all the stuff that should be safely assumed.

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I think this would discourge both men and women who put fake or very outdated photos of themselves on their profiles, from being so deceptive.It is hard to enforce anything on posers/fakers as you can't really pin anything down unless they REALLY screw up. (You must be logged into your E-Mail for that link to appear at the bottom of anyone's Profile. If you're on a site like this, its up to you to ensure and satisfy yourself that the people with whom you are corresponding are legitimate.