Outlook mailbox size not updating

15-Jun-2017 13:28

Compaction is very similar to defragmenting your hard disk.

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If you leave Outlook running, after some amount of idle time, it will start to perform something called "compaction".I always chose the option to delete the cache and couldn't understand what was going on. I had a huge main file (3gig), and to start the year fresh I decided to break it up into several PSTs.I went to my email folder and found some very large files there like the one called 'inbox', there was no extension. My outlook file bloated to 9GB - while I have removed some older mails to a new pst - my active pst showed 9GB while the personal folders were less than 3GB - as you may have gathered, I receive a heavy e-mail load... After i was done, I chek the folder size in my Outlook and it says my file is less than 1gig, but when I see the same pst file size in windows explorer it says 7.7gigs. Ric I have a pst file that after archiving a bunch of things.Microsoft gives you pages and pages of information that sucks up all your time reading and never leads you to the answer you need.

Thanks Leo After clearing your "Deleted Items" folder and compacting the PST, your PST maybe still be substantially larger than the folder sizes inside.I went online to see if I could safely delete this file, thats when I discovered what 'compacting' meant. and cleaning out the deleted items folder will not compact. If you want to find out how to accomplish tasks such as this one you will never find the answer by going to Microsoft for help.