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04-Jun-2017 04:30

Lets go find your head maid Penny and then get you to your room." Chantel grows more and more resigned to this new life as she see's a very well oiled machine as she says, "Yes Master Holt, thank you Master Holt." The two of them walk the hall of the 2nd floor and out from a room comes two sissy maids.

They are sissy Nikki Kincaid (34y.o.) and sissy Trish Travers (41y.o.).

1: The most desirable and often well known, experienced and ready to please girls will be called up as night time escorts.

These are usually done to prominent business men, city leaders, bureaucrats and at times, out of town business men visitors.

3: Some girls are offered out as club sluts and party favours to things like male stags and other general male group events, which can be very interesting for lots of gang banging sex.

4: Occasionally some girls are pulled aside for various pornography video productions.

After Master Holt leaves, Maid Penny goes over the details of Chantel's room and then has her change to one of her black maids dresses.

As Chantel gets out of her current dress Maid Penny gets her more info as to life here for her now.

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Chantel puts on a white petticoat then her black satin maids dress with white lace trim and a white satin apron with white lace trim.

Master Holt introduces them to Chantel and all three smile and greet each other.

Master Holt asks, "Have either of you two seen Maid Penny?

Chantel finds laundry keeps her busy and that shifts normally for girls scheduled to work for the club are typically 4 hours then 30 min. The laundry is a bit monotonous, hot and tiring on high heeled feet but such is a sissy maids lament.

Chantel enjoys chatting with the other girls as they all learn about her and she them. The power of one man as a Master over four sissy maids, is almost intoxicating to see from the point of view of a sissy." Both reply that she was prepping room number 205 for Chantel's arrival. Once arriving they find Maid Penny and introduce her to Chantel.

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