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Refounded as the “new Rome” by the emperor Constantinople, the city of Constantine.The derivation from Byzantium is suggestive in that it emphasizes a central aspect of Byzantine civilization: the degree to which the empire’s administrative and intellectual life found a focus at Constantinople from 330 to 1453, the year of the city’s last and unsuccessful defense under the 11th (or 12th) Constantine.It's Japanese-big business-politics intrigue with surveillance cameras being the key to figuring out a murder.

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He sends for a research assistant and a gas chromatograph because he's close ... homicide detective Regis is assigned to investigate, only to find evidence suppressed by the ...Proud of that Christian and Roman heritage, convinced that their earthly empire so nearly resembled the heavenly pattern that it could never change, they called themselves Romaioi, or Romans. The term East Rome accurately described the political unit embracing the Eastern provinces of the old Roman Empire until 476, while there were yet two emperors.